Ad Fund

PROTEINHOUSE knew creating a first-class dining experience would be the cornerstone of a successful franchise; but a close second is advertising. What good would it be to create a powerhouse franchise and then not tell anyone about it? By participating in the PROTEINHOUSE advertising fund, you will be positioned to aggressively drive new customers to your restaurant.

Regional and National Branding

As PROTEINHOUSE continues its national expansion, our franchisees enjoy a collective recognition that significantly impacts their individual marketing efforts. Our pervasive web presence, as well as our growing reputation, gives all our franchisees an instant, immediate presence in their territory.

Brand Training

Because of our experience branding the PROTEINHOUSE name over the last several years, our franchisees will learn more than just “quick hit” marketing techniques. You will take part in PROTEINHOUSE long-term branding strategies designed to maximize your marketing effort over the life of your business.

Marketing Guidance

PROTEINHOUSE management and support staff will guide you in creating a marketing plan beginning with initial launch and grand opening through regional events, seasonal marketing opportunities, corporate programs, and local marketing systems. You will learn the intricacies of local community grass roots programs as well as mass media marketing.

Social Media

Marketing Converting new customers to fanatics is our highest priority at PROTEINHOUSE restaurants. We are extremely dedicated to broadcasting the PROTEINHOUSE message using all techniques available including a dynamic website and extensive use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

PROTEINHOUSE’s savvy use of social media, as well as social and business media marketing systems like Four Square and Groupon, bring fast, local attention to your PROTEINHOUSE franchise location and an instant boost in customers and revenue when you utilize PROTEINHOUSE’s proven systems.

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