About PROTEINHOUSE Franchise

A Struggle to Find Healthy Food

A few years ago, Andrew and Larissa were both serious professional athletes and workout enthusiasts. Like many top athletes, they wanted to eat as healthy as possible, but they could not find any restaurants that offered both healthy and delicious tasting food. They were tired of being frustrated anytime they went out to eat.

Filling a Void

Andrew and Larissa knew that they were not alone and that many elite athletes and regular people alike must be experiencing the same struggle. They envisioned a simple menu that had protein complex carbs but tasted good as well. They decided to open ProteinHouse to fill this void in Las Vegas. Without experience, they just figured it out as they went along. While there were some hiccups in the beginning, they ended up marketing their restaurant heavily within the fitness and bodybuilding community and shortly after opening, ended up finding success.

Star Power and Social Media Brings Success

Using Larissa’s celebrity status, as well as a heavy viral social media campaign within the fitness and general Las Vegas community, PROTEINHOUSE grew in popularity and drew visitors from all around the world. Today, PROTEINHOUSE is internationally known for its delicious food, coffees, and smoothies as well as its friendly service and fun environment.

PROTEINHOUSE is more than a restaurant though. Using social media and other technology, we have created a community of like-minded individuals all looking to improve their lives through healthy eating.

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