Franchise Opportunities

Health Food Franchise opportunities are few and far between. The excitement that comes from your interest in becoming part of the PROTEINHOUSE franchise is not only amazing but is just good for everyone! To have the opportunity to broaden the culture of healthy living by eating well is so life giving!

I hope you have become familiar with all things PROTEINHOUSE and even more excited after you visit our website and /or Facebook page. As you consider joining our franchise family there are several items for you to consider to see if you have what it takes — we don’t offer this opportunity to just anyone!

  1. Mission: A true passion for living the PROTEINHOUSE way of life. If your heart and soul for it does not match ours then this brand is not for you!
  2. Openness: You have to be willing to take detailed and disciplined direction well – as a Franchise, it is essential for us to Coach and Motivate you and your patrons throughout life within our system.
  3. Work Ethic: You have to be an honest, hard-working, well-intended individual or group who respect yourselves and most importantly others.
  4. Passion: You have to love life, fitness, nutrition and the desire to make people happy and healthy when they eat PROTEINHOUSE food and drink our PROTEINHOUSE Smoothies.
  5. Dedication: You commit to working harder than perhaps you ever have in your life.
  6. Background Check: A background check ( at the appropriate time ) will be performed to validate you as a potential franchisee.
  7. Investment: You have to have the liquid assets at the ready.

If you believe you are right for PROTEINHOUSE, then let’s talk to see if PROTEINHOUSE is right for you! The next step is to fill out our Franchise Profile. ** There is no obligation and all information will remain completely confidential within our system.**

Once the Franchise Profile is completed and received, we will promptly be in touch. Go back to our website, check out our Menu – let it make you crave our food and our mission! Take the step which will change your life and improve the lives of all the PROTEINHOUSE family!

Have a Fit day!

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