Our Mission & Philosophy

Why do you think ProteinHouse is a great franchise to own?

I think ProteinHouse is a great franchise to own because it is a unique concept that tends to everyone’s specific needs. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover we have something for everyone. Considering the growth of the fitness and health conscious community ProteinHouse is leading the way in serving healthy, nutrient dense meals to all those who are passionate about ensuring their long term health and fitness goals.

Why do you think it’s growing so quickly?

As a professional athlete I have been traveling an average of 14 times a year all over the world for many years now and I have watched the fitness industry grow tremendously. As this niche grows and people as a whole continue to move away from fast food and other types of food that do not serve their best interest or provide their body with the correct type of fuel; restaurants like ProteinHouse are at the forefront of providing these people exactly what they are looking for. I think this is a big reason it has been growing so quickly.

How do you feel about the success you’ve had so far?

Although I have not yet succeeded in fulfilling the goals I have set for myself and for ProteinHouse as a brand I am very grateful to have been able to reach this point and to have the support from so many people who have helped the restaurant grow into what it is today. I hope to someday be able to provide health conscious food to people all over the world and watch as ProteinHouse helps all of them fulfill their goals in fitness, overall health and longevity.