PROTEIN HOUSE – The fastest and healthiest "quick fire" restaurant in Las Vegas!

Protein House is the place where you will want to go, to eat both healthy and tasty. This will become your second home and you will be happy to bring your friends and family because eating well is most important in a friendly, intimate atmosphere.

"Why?" you ask…

We have simply gathered the purest, freshest and finest ingredients available to be prepared quickly in brilliant recipes, with special attention to your particular preference. With the hectic pace of daily life Protein House cares for your health and wellness providing you a great alternative to other establishments.

We all know it can be a nightmare to find a clean, friendly and enjoyable place with good, hearty food that contains the right nutritional value, in other words… Healthy! Protein House is your oasis in the desert to relax, rejuvenate and sustain yourself during your busy day.

We bring you the best of everything to help you to eat well and eat healthier without losing any of the taste. Yes you read right…you do not lose any of the taste!!

This is Protein House's promise to you - now come and try it!

the place you can enjoy every day keeping you on the right way!